Taking Care of Your Newly Recovered Pet

Congratulations!! Your pet is now home safe. It is extremely important to review the below considerations:

Make your pet an appointment at the vet ASAP. There are many things that they may have been exposed to while traveling about. When an animal is out wondering for many days it's hard to tell what they may or may not consumed. 

Lyme disease-If you live in an area that's high risk for this, it's best to have the vet check for this now and later. Sometimes, Lyme Disease will not present until weeks/months down the road. It's been our experience that animals can actually become anemic if exposed to many ticks.

Stool sample-this will check for parasites

GI Upset: It's best to feed your pet a sensitive stomach diet until they get back to normal. Canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) can help their GI upset and get things moving more regularly. Also, goats milk (can be found at pet stores/farmers markets) is a great nutritional additive to help your four legged friend while they get back to normal.

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