Friends of KC

Russell, Founder

aka KC's Best-Friend

Russell is the founder of Friend's of KC.

KC went missing in November of 2015. Russell has put over 20k miles on his truck, slept in the truck, personally checked traps every few hours, traveled many areas on foot, and most of all *never* stopped searching for KC. Despite doing all of this, checking out at least 60 Pyrenees nose-to-nose and (thanks to a group he formed of missing Pyrenees owners) checking off 1000+ Pyrenees from all parts of the country, KC has never been found. His love for KC has brought him to form this community of folks that are passionate about helping others in times of challenge,  sadness and most importantly, bring them Hope.


aka The Dog Whisperer

David & Jessica 

aka "The Rookies"

Jessica & Dave are the rookies of the group. They found themselves initially on the other side of recovery, needing help and guidance when their Collie went missing back in November 2020.  Fortunately, they were able to recover Cassie safely. "It meant so much to us to have complete strangers in our community reaching out and willing to help us. It touched us so much that it made us want to give back and help others who lost their animals too".  They reside in Clear Spring with their daughter,Paige & two sons, Jackson & Brady.

Nick & Donna