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Losing a pet truly is a family emergency. Often, the owners don’t know what to do, where to go, or who to turn to. At Friends of KC, there are no paws left behind. Through compassion, empathy & experience, it is our mission to not only safely bring home lost animals but educate the community and provide resources that continue this mission beyond the borders of our Tri-State area.

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Maureen Pomato
a month ago

I forgot to mention that Rishi was staying with my friend who lives in Boonesboro when he jumped her gate. i live in Frederick which is approx, a 25 min . drive.

Maureen Pomato
a month ago

My dog Rishi went missing april 29 ...I need your help ...he was last seen by a hiker on sunday May 7, 9;40 am on the Appalachian Trail near the Rocky Run shelter approx 1mile south of Reno Monument Rd. entrance to the trail ,heading south. He is a brindle color whippet, almost 6 yrs. loves people and dogs, but running is his favorite,not fearful,not food motivated but I am sure that he is hungry ,now

a month ago

Hi, my 2 year old seal point Siamese got out through a window with his brother Sunday around 5:30 am. His brother returned alone a few hours later. We are still desperately searching and hoping our Trace makes it home safely. I’ve taken all the recommended measures. Any help anyone can offer would be appreciated. We are lost without him.

Susie Marteney
2 months ago

I was hog sitting for a good friend of mine when the little Yorkie ran from our home in Short Gap, wv on Sunday April 2. around 5:30pm. We scoped the area thoroughly, and cannot find him. We believe he maybe curled up somewhere. Possibly under a porch or even under your cars. He is a very special little guy and we need him back ASAP. 😢 Can you please help us?

Tuesday April 4th: We still have not had any sightings on Ruger. He is 6lbs and is 9 years old. He has no teeth so he has to have soft food. We have now been searching the area of Knobley Rd.

Mamie Ambrose
3 months ago

My cat went missing in my HOA in Charles Town on Feb 28. I’ve been searching and have set out a trap every evening.

4 months ago

Do you accept volunteers?

Robin Handler
4 months ago

Hi. May I have your address? I can’t find it. Thank you. Robin

Jen Albertini
4 months ago

Michelle at Antietam Humane society gave me this info. My 2 year old rescued Shihtzu is missing. Any help would be so appreciated.

Sara cottingham
4 months ago

Hello, I have an urgent dog crisis and was recommended to contact you. I live in the Morgantown area and was skiing at Cooper’s rock/Chestnut Ridge Park on Tuesday night with my dog and my friends dog, both German shorthaired pointers. My friends dog ran off after something and has been missing ever since Tuesday at 5 PM. We’ve been trying everything we know and are desperate to get her back before the temps plummet this weekend. Would appreciate any help or guidance you have to offer. Best way to reach me is my phone. 281-433-7532. Thank you tremendously, we are devastated

Marie Ramirez
5 months ago

There is a member of this organization that is actively helping my sister find her missing dog and I'm so grateful for the help they've provided thus far. I would love to donate to this wonderful organization (the donation link is unavailable). Please contact me at your earliest convenience! You guys are amazing!