We knew this was going to be a tough one. Shellie lived with her owner in Hedgesville, WV when she was spooked by something and ran off. She navigated through mountainous terrain. She was missing for 22 days until she was successfully trapped. It's clear that Hope literally moved mountains for Gail to find her way to her girl.


"Diana I owe you and your team the world for your tireless keeping of your promise to get Shellie back to her family"

-Gail, Shellie's Owner


Ruger traveled from Mercersburg, PA all the way down to the mountains of Clear Spring, MD. Truly a tough little guy. He was successfully trapped after 5.5 weeks missing. Truly amazing how far a dog can travel and manage to survive.

"I don't know how we will ever be able to thank you all enough. Thank you so much! Couldn't have done it without you all and all the help of the other people we haven't met who volunteered to help find him. We are so thankful!"

-Cory & Lindsay, Ruger's Owner


aka 'The Clear Spring Collie'

Cassie was lost for  3 days. It was by the grace of God we were able to corral her into a fenced in area before needing to set a trap. We managed to get out 1000K + flyers in 3 days which lead to numerous sightings and the ability to act fast and rescue her. 

Thanks to the guidance of Russell we were able to quickly get Cassie back. We started to prepare for setting a trap however Russell explained precisely what to do in order to get Cassie out of flight mode. Russell not only led us in helping get Cassie back but also to our new found love of helping others who have lost their pets. We are forever grateful!

-Jessica & Dave, Cassie's owners


After about a week, Gidget was successfully trapped and landed herself in a foster that would end up being her forever home. 


Yogi was visiting and managed to get out the door. He took off and went toward the woods. After a few weeks in the cold he was successfully trapped utilizing a KC trap.


Thanks to the Avon community, Blondie was successfully trapped and able to safely make it back to her warm home.


Valentina was rescued after being out for 4 months on her own. It was surely a happy day when she was successfully rescued. She was enrolled in a foster program where she for the time, resides. 


Bella was tracked and trapped after 2.5 weeks. She is one tough pup!!

Check out Bella's full incredible journey:



Nobody truly knows where Thomas came from or how far he traveled. He was known to be at large for at least a year. Animal Control tried to to get him however eventually gave up. He was successfully trapped and has been since adopted by an amazing family.


Donna advised on Coco's successful recovery. 


Marguex ran off and owner was unable to get her. It took 2 weeks but she was successfully trapped approximately 8 miles from her home. 


China was out exploring for a week, initially with her sister. Her sister Ivy became tired, laid down in a field and was found within 2 days. China continued on exploring and a hunter saw her, who also saw the fliers and called the owners. The owner went to the sighting and was able to get China's attention and successfully recovered her.

There were reports on Facebook of this  little guy  running through the streets of Wesel Blvd. Diana took her dog out and walked it. The dog come right out and obviously wanted to play. Unfortunately, someone showed up with a flashlight and scared him off. Luckily, the next day, the dog ran on a property and the owners  shut the gates, successfully containing him. He was then dropped off safely at the Humane Society.


Diana was driving when she noticed this little guy running in the field in Marion, PA.  After asking around in the area and unsuccessful attempts to find the owner he was taken to Cumberland Valley Humane Society, Chambersburg, PA. He was quickly adopted out to his forever family.


Diana came across this little girl on Facebook.  She was reported to be hanging out at one of the cat colonies in Hagerstown, MD. She was turned over to a Rescue and was adopted out to her forever home. 

Christmas Eve Rescue

These ladies were caught in Boonsboro Md mountains on Christmas Eve night and were surrendered to Washington County Humane Society where they were adopted out to their forever homes.


Bo was out roaming the back roads of Clear Spring, MD. He has been captured 3 times over an 8 year time span. Luckily, all 3 times he was safely returned back to his home. 


Chewy was found running loose in the North End of Hagerstown. Chewy was trapped after 1 week of tracking. Unfortunately, (after being listed with the Humane Society) attempts to find his home was unsuccessful. He now resides with a wonderful owner in his new forever home.

This pup was found in Chambersburg, PA running in the road. Diana managed to safely recover her from the road preventing her from being hit. She was turned over to Animal Control and later reunited with her family.


Akira was out running for at least 4 months prior to being rescued. His love for Vienna sausage is what helped bond Diana and him until the Pit Rescue arrived and transported him to where he would live as a Sanctuary Pup.


Kayla ran off after being in a critical accident with her owner. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances Kayla was unable to return home. She was able to make a full recovery and was turned over to a Rescue. She was later adopted out to a sweet family to spend the rest of her days. 


This is Elvis...uuuuuh huh, It took a couple of months to trap him. He traded hanging out in the mountains of Clear Spring for hanging out on ladders. He is living his best life now in his forever home.


Jessica was out helping a neighbor whose Corgi  ran off when little Layla was crossing the road right in front of her car. Weighing in at only 1lb. & approximately 4 weeks old, she showed us that she is one tough little gal. Initially she battled severe respiratory infections and multiple parasites. Layla also was experiencing GI & GU issues. After many visits with the vet (many in which tried to convince Jessica to put her down) she found a vet who would do their very best to help give Layla a good quality life.  After a procedure it was determined that Layla had suffered some type of trauma prior to her being found which caused her to be incontinent of both bowel and bladder. Medications, frequent baths, supplements and lots of love has seemed to do the trick in keeping her healthy and happy. She sure is a love bug!

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