In Loving Memory


This little guy Ringo went missing after a truck accident. Diana's friend from a cat rescue was contacted by the owner, driver of truck and wanted to know how to find his pup. Without hesitation Diana went looking at the wreck site but there were road crew working on replacing guard rail. She went back the next day and searched the woods, saw nothing. She stopped by Sheetz and asked if she could leave a flier. They said, "Is this the dog from the truck accident"? She said yes, the lady said her husband was on the road crew that night and they found the pup deceased and buried it there. Unfortunately, they weren't able to notify the owner. This was confirmed with the  wrecking company, so Diana went back to find the grave. She managed to locate the remains and drop off at the local crematory. Russell designed the name plate and box and they placed the ashes in it. Ringo was then sent back to be with his owner.